0:00​ Intro 1:03​ When was the first time you heard about Bitcoin? 2:56​ What Bitcoin characteristic captured your attention first? 4:04​ What limitations do you see in Bitcoin as a means of payment? 5:16​ Do you see remittances as a promising use case for Bitcoin? 6:41​ Have you ever lost faith in Bitcoin? 7:55​ How did you react to the Bitcoin\’s price crash in 2018? 9:06​ What is the rationale behind your liquid portfolio construction? 10:40​ Are you going to increase your Bitcoin position any time soon? 10:53​ Has Bitcoin\’s outstanding performance this year compensated for your companies\’ losses? 11:48​ What is the reason for Bitcoin\’s popularity in Latin America? 13:17​ Will the US dollar face a debasement any time soon? 14:43​ What is the most common perception of Bitcoin among Latin American entrepreneurs? 15:29​ What is your favorite argument when defending Bitcoin from criticism? 17:35​ Are large volumes of illicit crypto preventing Bitcoin from becoming a legitimate asset in Latin America? 20:31​ Outro Mexico’s second wealthiest man, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, explains the rationale behind his bullishness on Bitcoin and discusses the growing importance of digital gold in Latin American economies. Get your Cointelegraph merch here: ​ Use this code for your 30% discount in our store: HODLERSDIGEST30 #Cointelegraph​ #Bitcoin​ #CryptoMarkets​ Subscribe to Cointelegraph: ​ Follow COINTELEGRAPH: Website: /​ Telegram: ​ Facebook: ​ Twitter: ​ Cointelegraph covers everything Bitcoin, bringing you the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis, with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community.