Video shows the top Bitcoin predictions for 2018 by Industrial experts. Bitcoin price is very volatile and experiancing a less volume as the last quarter of 2018. SOme of the Billionairs like Michael Novogratz, John Mcafee, Tim drapper, Phillip Nunn, Gavriel Shaw, Arthur Hayes, Llew Claasen, Tom Lee or Thomas lee, charlie lee, Pantera capital , Bill gates and many more. These are the experts who have been active trades and watch bitcoin closely. Mcafee predicted it to be $1 Million by 2020 in a Bet with media. There are many speculations am following Cryptocurrency since 2013. I have learned from my own mistakes and setbacks. I want to use my experience and share maximum technical knowledge in a simple way. This Channel is dedicated for all the technical stuff related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is already a complex technology, so I try to explain in a simple way and sometimes with Graphics too. Subscribe if you find it useful. Contact me @ Twitter and Facebook ​ …​ Swapnil kasar Cryptopreneur