Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this Fortnite Season 8 video 😀 Thank you for the support! the NEW SPRING LOADED EMOTE GAMEPLAY in FORTNITE! Previous Fortnite Battle Royale Videos â–º the NEW BEASTMODE Skin Gameplay in Fortnite (Fortnite New Item Shop Today Beastmode Skin) – …​ â–º GETTING A LITTLE KID HIS FIRST EVER WIN IN FORTNITE (he got his first kill too) – …​ â–º playing on NINJA STRETCHED RESOLUTION SETTINGS in Fortnite (Best Stretched Resolution for Beginners) – …​ â–º FORTNITE CREATOR CODE: iKaylur â–ºWANT TO GET PARTNERED AND GET PAID FOR YOUR VIDEOS? CLICK HERE ?…​ â–ºSubscribe HERE: …​ â–ºSocials: Twitter: ​ Twitch: ​ Snapchat: iKaylur Instagram: iKaylur Thanks for watching #fortnite​ #season8​ #itemshop​ new spring loaded emote is in the fortnite item shop! we bought the new spring loaded emote today and we have some spring loaded emote gameplay! Fortnite Spring-loaded emote gameplay 🙂 new emote in fortnite item shop today Videos uploaded by Kaylur or iKaylur (PG, clean, family friendly + No swearing!)