In today\’s video, I\’ll cover reasons why I think Epic Games is killing Fortnite quicker than it needs to, just like they did with Paragon. From trying to hard to shrink the skill gap to ignoring its community and manipulative marketing, we\’ll take a look at Epic Game\’s philosophy and how they hurt their players and employees. Subscribe and turn on notifications for more tips and highlights! 👍 Code DWrecked Email for coaching lessons and business inquiries. Want to support me? If you love my content, you can support me by either donating or subscribing on Twitch. …​ …​ Follow Me! Twitch – ​ Instagram – /​ Twitter – ​ Get 5% off the BEST, most reliable custom controllers with code Wreckage\” at ​ Try my Beginner\’s Fortnite Course for cheap with Code DWRECKYT at …​ Improve your aim with my KontrolFreeks and get 10% off the store with code \”WRECKAGE\” at – #thewreckage​ #fortnite​ #consoletipsandtricks​\”