#bitcoin​ #price​ #thatmartiniguy​ #tmg​ Dear Crypto Community and Blockchain Buddies across the globe, Welcome back to our special Virtual Interview series! We are honoured to interview once again, That Martini Guy, London based Bitcoin and Business YouTuber. Famous for his highly animated and fun videos, he entertains his fans by explaining the latest bitcoin, alt-coin and major cryptocurrency news, including price analysis. Known as the Sherlock Holmes of sniffing the BS and scams in the space he was our guest in Season 2 and we are super proud of having him again sharing his latest insights in the financial game. In this interview, we discuss hyperinflation, whales and the price influence of Bitcoin, high unemployment rates and how the US deals with a financial crisis. Our first interview with TMG from Season 2: …​ Follow That Martini Guy: YouTube: ​ Twitter: ​ Instagram: /​ Follow your host Alex Fazel: ​ ​ Follow Cryptonites: Twitter: ​ Instagram: /​ Check out The Capital: …​ …​ …​ …​ …​ Follow Oracle Films: ​ Twitter: ​ Download the SwissBorg Wealth App: ​ Highlights: 00:00​ Intense intro 02:22​ Our returning guest: TMG 02:51​ Shout out to The Capital! 04:37​ Views on the post Bitcoin halving 06:11​ Why is Bitcoin overvalued 06:41​ We value Bitcoin as a commodity 08:22​ CME group exchange 10:05​ The futures market exceeds the spot market 11:49​ Crypto YouTube 13:34​ Is Bitcoin a store of value? 15:22​ Why USD is so in demand? 15:58​ The US does not know how to control a financial crisis 18:27​ The problem with printing money 19:07​ The wealth gap in London 20:20​ Google trends 24:23​ The best social media channels 24:34​ Telegram is one of the worst! 25:14​ Getting Whale alerts 29:40​ Views on Tether 33:09​ Tether is the root of all Bitcoin\’s problems 34:18​ Why Bitcoin is flawed 36:08​ Why Tether is not a safe haven 39:24​ Trading tips