What determines the buying power of bitcoin? How does the price stabilize? Who can manipulate the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? In 2016, Andreas answered these questions and while the market capitalization has changed, the fundamentals remain the same. Watch and learn more about price volatility. Chapters 0:00​ What determines the buying power of the currency? 0:28​ Bitcoin trading never ceases 0:59​ Whales manipulating markets 1:10​ The rollercoaster of bitcoin prices, shifts of 20-30% in a day! 1:55​ Why do people who live with volatile national currencies use bitcoin as a store of value? They already know separation of state and money is a good idea. This video is an excerpt from the Introduction to Bitcoin presentation that Andreas delivered in September of 2106. The questions asked during the session were not pre-vetted (Andreas never does that) and involved the most pressing questions of the day. You\’ll notice not much has changed, people are still concerned about price volatility and market manipulation. You can see the entire Intro to Bitcoin video here: ​ TAKE A FREE INTRODUCTION TO BITCOIN & OPEN BLOCKCHAINS WORKSHOP with aantonop! You\’ll learn 3 different ways to get cryptocurrencies (you don\’t just have to buy from an exchange), you\’ll learn about order books on cryptocurrency exchanges and how bitcoin is priced differently on different exchanges, and much much more. Take a look: ​ SUBSCRIBE to this YouTube channel and select the bell 🔔 for notifications: ​ JOIN this YouTube channel to become a YouTube Community Member and access custom emojis and other perks: ​ BECOME a Community Builder: ​ About aantonop: Andreas isn\’t promoting a company or an organization; he\’s paid by the community (people who support this work on Patreon and YouTube) and provides an unbiased look at open blockchain technologies, what they can do for our societies, and how to get involved (if you decide you want to). Learn more at ​ From Andreas: You may already know that my mission is to educate as many people as possible about #Bitcoin​ and open blockchain technologies. Watching these videos and sharing them with others is a big part of that. Thank you for being part of this mission. ***Learn More From Andreas’ Workshops, Books & Events** Amazon & Kindle: ​ Audible: …​ E-books & Merch: ​ Patreon: ​ Website: ​ Workshops: ​ ***Connect with Andreas on Socials*** Facebook: …​ Instagram: /​ LinkedIn: …​ Twitter: ​ Music: Unbounded\” by Orfan (​) Thanks for watching!\”