#Fortnite​ #Doomsday​ #Chapter2Season3​ ❱ NEW Doomsday EVENT FINAL STAGE GAMEPLAY in Fortnite! This video showcases brand new Doomsday live event gameplay in Fortnite. This video displays final stage gameplay of the Doomsday Device in Fortnite, what this means & what we can expect to happen in update 12.61. Additionally this video also states the official release date of the Doomsday live event in Fortnite by showing gameplay of an in game countdown found in the Battlepass lobby as well as Midas\’s Doomsday room. This video also showcases gameplay of the Doomsday hatches activated & what this means for what will happen during the Doomsday live event overall & what map changes may occur. CREATOR CODE: YOUTUBE-ELLUM ❱ Hi guys, Josh (Ellum) here, thank you for taking the time to click and watch this video! I make regular gaming videos revolving around updates, guides, gameplays as well as general fun with my friends. If you happen to enjoy this video then please: 👍LIKE 👍SUBSCRIBE 👍COMMENT Please let me know if theres anything you would want to see from me on this channel! Be sure to join the notification squad and hit the 🔔 so you don\’t miss out! Thanks again! Enjoy the video💜 ❱SUBSCRIBE and never miss a video …​ ❱Follow me on: 📷Instagram: ​ 🐦Twitter: ​ 🔴Twitch: ​ -Ellum 🌏