Download this project: ​ Customize your Launchpad: ​ Join our Discord Server: ​ #minecraft​ #netherupdate​ #launchpad​ Tutorial: ​ Difficulty: 8.5/10 Original Track: …​ Get access to my exclusive production Livestreams and Discord Channel! …​ ——————————————— — Important note regarding the legitimacy of this performance video — All drum samples and any other separated audio from the original track are real samples, they are not faked\” buttons to add to the performance aesthetic. The performance was recorded live during the video and audio was taken from the recorded MIDI clip in Ableton Live 10. The MIDI clip was not Quantized to keep the legitimacy of the original recording. No. The sound is not coming out of the jukebox. The jukebox is there for aesthetic purposes as part of the background but is not being used. This video was not sponsored. All credits and rights go to the artists and creators shown in the title