NEW Travis Scott GAMEPLAY in Fortnite! (INSANE) ❱ NEW Travis Scott LIVE EVENT LEAKED in Fortnite! (Gameplay) This video showcases all of the updates included within update 12.41. This video showcases gameplay of the new brand new Travis Scott skin & its variant known as the T3500, the Astrojack skin & its variant as well as all other cosmetics that were also released & leaked – This includes gliders, pickaxes, emotes & sprays. This video also displays all of the most recent map changes to do with the Travis Scott / Astronomical live event in Fortnite as well as including leaked gameplay of the concert being fully built as it will be live at the concert, & gameplay of the golden astroworld heads. Credit: …​ ❱ Hi guys, Josh (Ellum) here, thank you for taking the time to click and watch this video! I make regular gaming videos revolving around updates, guides, gameplays as well as general fun with my friends. If you happen to enjoy this video then please: 👍LIKE 👍SUBSCRIBE 👍COMMENT Please let me know if theres anything you would want to see from me on this channel! Be sure to join the notification squad and hit the 🔔 so you don\’t miss out! Thanks again! Enjoy the video💜 ❱SUBSCRIBE and never miss a video …​ ❱Follow me on: 📷Instagram: ​ 🐦Twitter: ​ 🔴Twitch: ​ -Ellum 🌏