We build and test a Raspberry Pi 4 Minecraft server with multiplayer gameplay! A Raspberry Pi 4 makes a powerful Minecraft server for you, your friends and family. Robbie shows how to use his custom Spigot installer script to build your own Minecraft Server, ready to play with only a few simple steps. To verify our success, Jeff and Robbie got all their kids to join at once, and played for more than an hour. Watch with us to see the results and to get a sense for how well this SBC-powered Minecraft server performs. We\’ll show you how to setup an overclocked Raspberry Pi 4 Minecraft server that works! Complete with step-by-step guide and gameplay footage. 🔗 Get Your Gear: ​ (use coupon CAT5TVSUPPORTER $1 off + 10% of the profit will support what we do) 🔗 Get Our Pinecraft\” Installer Script: ​ ❤️️ Join us on Patreon: ​ 💻 Visit Our Web Site: ​ 🐦 Twitter: ​ 👍 Facebook: /​ 📸 Instagram: ​ Commands: sudo apt install git git clone ​ cd pinecraft sudo ./install pi Bonus Commands: Change your Linux user password: passwd Reboot Minecraft Server: sudo ~/minecraft/reboot Stop Minecraft Server Daemon: sudo ~/minecraft/stop We routed Port 25565 in our firewall to allow the kids to join through the Internet. 0:00​ – Introduction 0:25​ – What You Need 0:48​ – ameriDroid.com 1:05​ – The Underlying OS: DEBIAN HEADLESS 1:14​ – 4 or 8 GB RAM? 1:45​ – Introducing Pinecraft: Our Minecraft Server Installer 2:14​ – Prerequisite: git 2:31​ – Obtain Pinecraft Minecraft Installer 3:01​ – Raspberry Pi OS Default Password Warning 3:27​ – Looking At The Installer Source Code 4:35​ – Install Minecraft Server (Spigot) with Pinecraft 7:29​ – IMPORTANT Note About Rebooting or Shutting Down Safely 8:31​ – Quick Test of Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server 9:16​ – The True Test: GAMEPLAY #Minecraft​ #Gameplay​ #RaspberryPi​ #Maker​ #DIY​\”