Sad, Transcending, Happy, Positive, Emotional Piano Music Arrangement – Forever.. This Music Is Copyright Free Material. More info in the description. Forever young, I want to be, forever young! Join The Patreon Squad: ——————————————– ✪ Subscribe for more Music: ♪ My Music Playlist: ——————————————– SHARE THIS SONG: DOWNLOAD LINK: … ———————————- My Setup & Equipment: Headphones: Midi Keyboard: Electric Guitar: SDD: External HDD: Literature that I use(might help for someone who is starting out): Mixing: Mastering: Orchestration: Fundamentals: Software: Fl Studio: ——————————————————- COPYRIGHT INFO: – This piece is under a creative commons license. Use it wherever you would like to. – Do not try to claim copyright and sell it as your original work. How can we thank you? – Haha, so sweet of you! Credit me when you can. How? (Just wherever possible distribute following: Music by Whitesand – Title of the piece, URL link to the original and my channel, social media accounts.) – Also, share the video you liked and show it to your friends!! – Subscribe and follow me on social media! – Donate if you can! Extra money always helps! About the piece & My thoughts: It has been a while since I wanted to write something with a solo piano. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, it was a challenge that I promised myself to do! I really do feel lost, mixed sometimes, but something in life are consistent, some things we have forever! We might overlook those parts of our lifes and forget them involved in our routine! There so many beautiful things that we forget! I encourage you to stop for a second and take a deep breath! Forget all the worries and all the troubles and just enjoy this moment! ✌ Peace and happiness for everyone! ✌ ——————————————- CONNECT AND INTERACT WITH ME ON: â—‰ Facebook: â—‰ Twitter: â—‰ Instagram: â—‰ Youtube Channel: â—‰ SoundCloud: â—‰ Website: / ✉ Business and Collaboration Opportunities: ——————————————- SUPPORT: â—‰ Patreon: â—‰ Paypal Donation: … ——————————————- Credits to the artist for the image: Edwardch93 – Dream Image link: /… Sad I Happy I Positive I Emotional I Piano I piano Music I royalty I free I Copyright I no copyright I transcending music I uplifting music I royalty free music I copyright free I composition I score I film I movie I music for videos I background music I cinematic I classical piano I classical music I whitesand I forever I forever young I martyn laur I martynas laur © All rights of ownership reserved.