Crypto industry experts and macro investors discuss where Bitcoin and the crypto industry will be 10 years from now. Here are the best highlights from one of the panels of Cointelegraph Crypto Traders Live. Cointelegraph Crypto Traders Live is the world’s largest live event fully dedicated to crypto trading. Over nine hours of nonstop crypto content, and more than 30 star speakers and crypto trading professionals. Sponsors of the event: Changelly: /​ Tradesanta: /​ Lukka: /​ 00:52​ How much will Bitcoin be worth in ten years from now? 01:02​ Avichal Garg 02:40​ Claire Lovell 03:34​ Clark Moody 04:49​ Raoul Pal 07:32​ How crucial is Bitcoin\’s price for the success of the crypto industry? 08:00​ Raoul Pal 08:49​ Avichal Garg 09:39​ Claire Lovell 10:03​ Clark Moody 10:32​ Are price predictions important to people? 11:05​ Raoul Pal 12:15​ Claire Lovell 14:02​ Avichal Garg 16:54​ What are the factors that may drive Bitcoin to $1 million? 17:30​ Clark Moody 20:17​ Claire Lovell 18:37​ Why are people so slow in realizing the potential of crypto? 18:52​ Raoul Pal 21:10​ What are the chances of another technology replacing Bitcoin? 21:31​ Avichal Garg 24:00​ How is the relationship between governments and money going to evolve? 24:34​ Raoul Pal 25:02​ Clark Moody 26:11​ Claire Lovell 27:32​ Avichal Garg 30:56​ What is your long-term perspective on the crypto industry? 31:21​ Claire Lovell 33:08​ Clark Moody 34:06​ Raoul Pal Get your Cointelegraph merch here: ​ Use this code for your 30% discount in our store: HODLERSDIGEST30 #Cointelegraph​ #Bitcoin​ #CryptoMarkets​ Subscribe to Cointelegraph: ​ Follow COINTELEGRAPH: Website: /​ Telegram: ​ Facebook: ​ Twitter: ​ Cointelegraph covers everything Bitcoin, bringing you the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis, with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the digital currency community.