View and download the bot from the link: ​ Password – bravebtc3214 The program for trading on the binance exchange. Trading Automatic Bot TradingBot is a bot for automatic trading on the Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kucoin, Bitsamp, Kraken exchanges. The purchase of the full version of the trading bot is carried out inside the program! After installing the trading bot, instructions for operating and setting up for the market and Start trading. Features of this bot: 1) Monitoring and history of logs of all bot actions 2) Support for unlimited number of currency pairs 3) Ability to switch to portable mode 4) Monitoring the state of the exchange, tracking the current rate, creating a purchase order at a favorable rate with subsequent sale. 5) If a buy deal is not executed for some time (which can also be placed, I have two minutes), the bot cancels the order and creates a new one with a new rate. 6) If the buy deal is successful, the bot creates a sell order and holds this order until it is completely filled. 7) The bot takes the average market price and creates buy orders with the specified markup – i.e. below the current market price, after which it creates buy orders – again with the specified margin – it turns out to be higher than the market price. 8) When making transactions, the bot gives the exchange the piece it requires, but the profit for the bot owner remains unchanged. 9) The bot monitors the partial execution of the order – it will not create new orders until the previous one has been completely filled or canceled. If the previous order was partially filled, the bot will wait for the completion of all transactions for this order. 10) The bot can be stopped and started at any time and from different computers – it will check the status of orders, balance and so on when it starts – there is no need to be afraid that orders, money or something else will be lost upon restart. 11) Selling and buying currency at a specified price. The bot supports cryptocurrency trading platforms: Support for unlimited number of currency pairs\” – Binance \”Binance trading bot\” – Yobit \”Yobit trading bot\” – Bitmex \”Bitmex trading bot\” – Coinbase \”Coinbase trading bot\” – Indodax \”Indodax trading bot\” – Hitbtc \”Hitbtc trading bot\” – Luna \”Luna trading bot\” – Stex \”Stex trading bot\” – Crex24 \”Crex24 trading bot\” – Livecoin \”Livecoin trading bot\” – Huobit \”Huobit trading bot\” – Kucoin \”Kucoin trading bot\” – BTC-alpha \”BTC-alpha trading bot\” – Bitstamp \”Binance trading bot\” – Poloniex \”Poloniex trading bot\” – Exmo \”Exmo trading bot\” – Bittrex \”Bittrex trading bot\” – Okex \”Okex trading bot\” – Bithumb \”Bithumb trading bot\” – Cex \”Cex trading bot\” – Kraken \”kraken bot\” – Bitfinex \”Bitfinex trading bot\” The bot will work on your computer