🎬 Footage: Splatoon_girl29 (repost from YukiMitsu) ✿ Lyrics by me ✿ 🎁 PATREON ⚠️ Official Splatoon lyrics can be found in the Splatune and Octotune album booklets. They are written in hiragana and katakana, but serve only as pronunciation. The words have no meaning and are only meant to sound like Japanese. Through an illusion called auditory pareidolia, you can mishear real language in the gibberish. These lyrics are my personal interpretation. ⚠️ Original Lyrics: … A song about the last minute of battle. The lyrics were pretty tough on this one, but in the end I\’m happy with them. I actually recorded every step of the way, and I\’ll be trimming down and posting the compilation along with a look at how I do the karaoke bars (no promises though in case Premiere crashes trying to record it). Some might wonder why I\’m not putting a watermark on this one. Guys, I just don\’t feel comfortable with it. Technically, this video is my own. I made the lyrics, put it all together, did the editing, and my use of YukiMitsu\’s footage is under fair use. But it\’s still not my amiibo footage. My worry about people reuploading my videos is usurped by my discomfort straddling this fine line of fair use and possibly stepping out of my lane. Now or Never – Splatoon © Nintendo