✿ The lyrics were written by me, and this video was edited together by me. ✿ 🎁 PATREON 🎬 Repurposed Footage: BeardBear (Cutscenes and Gameplay) ProsafiaGaming (Final Boss Gameplay) Lyrical inspiration from ⚠️ Official Splatoon lyrics can be found in the Splatune and Octotune album booklets. They are written in hiragana and katakana, but serve only as pronunciation. The words have no meaning and are only meant to sound like Japanese. Through an illusion called auditory pareidolia, you can mishear real language in the gibberish. These lyrics are my personal interpretation. ⚠️ Original Lyrics: … A song through the eyes of Pearl and Marina narrating Agent 8\’s journey through the Deepsea Metro, and the final show down against Commander Tartar. Said I wouldn\’t do it \’cause it was too hard. But so many people asked for it, so here you go. This is another case of if I had put down what I truly heard, the words cashew